12 April 2009

Trip Home March 2009, Evie's 3rd and Dad's 65th Birthday

We had a fabulous (and sunny!) trip back to England in March. While there we got to celebrate Evie's and Dad's birthdays which was a lot of fun.

Millie and Evie play on the swings at Sapley Road Park.

Evie plays with her gift, the Playmobil Nursery Farm, from Nana.

Millie completes the finishing touches on Grandad's birthday cake.

Millie and Nana whipping up a treat in the kitchen.

Ollie, Millie and Evie get a closer look at the fake horses poop which actually comes with the Playmobil Nursery Farm...they really do think of everything.

Nanny, Evie and Grandad down by the river to feed the ducks.

More birthday cakes, Evie wouldn't actually let us cut her Tinkerbell cake, and to hammer the point home that she did not want to share it, she picked up each flower, licked it and then carefully placed it back on the cake. However, she didn't mind offering everyone a piece of Grandad's The Stig cake.

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