02 May 2009

Millie's Ballet Recital Take 1

Millie has been taking ballet classes at the Ballet Arts Center in Winchester for the past year with her best friend, Mira. The highlight was the company wide performance of Cinderella in on May 2, 2009. Millie, Mira and the rest of their class played the role of the Winter Fairies. Nod and Haze, along with Es and James were in town so Nod and I went to watch the performance which was very good, really rather professional!

Mira and Millie get ready for their big performance. Although I do think the major highlight for them (as with all the little girls) was wearing make-up. Bring on the blusher...and lip gloss...and eye shadow...!

Millie all made up and ready for the stage!

Millie's teachers were very specific about how the girls' hair was the be on the day of the performance. It's a good job Auntie Nod was in town with her hair serum...otherwise I have no idea how we could have got all Millie's hair into a smooth bun!

Millie strikes a pose moments before she takes the stage.

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