25 June 2009

Our New (Temporary!) Home!

We leave the U.S. on July 30th, bound first for London and then it's onto Singapore, our new (temporary) home for about 18 months. Here are some pictures of our new apartment block, yes it's back to apartment living for a while (which I think Dom is secretly pleased about since he won't have to cut the lawns for a while..!). Millie will be attending the Canadian International School while Evie is at the Learning Ladder, the sister school to the CIS.

The playground, where I'm sure we'll be spending a good amount of time.

The swimming pool, where I hope to spend even more time!

The outside of the apartment block...not so very attractive, it's much nicer on the inside.

Nanny & Grandad Day Visit June 2009

Nanny and Grandad Day came to visit us all in June. We had a lovely time, despite the weather which was unusually wet for June. During the two days of sun we had we ventured out to Stone Zoo so that Millie and Evie could show Nan and Grandad Bubba and Smokey, the new black bear exhibit. During the not so wet days Grandad refinished our deck (thank you Dad!) and Nanny took care of Millie after her operation (thank you Mum!).

22 June 2009

Millie's Ballet Recital Take 2

Despite Millie just having had her tonsils and adenoids removed a week earlier, on June 22nd, 2009 Millie had another ballet recital, this time with the class she takes at school, Happy Feet. It was a great show which saw all the children demonstrate a talent, Millie's was performing a cartwheel, which she did expertly!

Here's Millie all ready to perform.

Post-performance, Millie, Olivia, Lily, Paige and the rest of the team collect their trophies and their certificates. Then it was a quick snack of oreo's and juice then home to bed!

19 June 2009

Millie's Graduation from Kindergarten June 2009

Millie graduated from Kindergarten on June 19th, 2009. The event was made extra special as Mum and Dad were visiting from England so were able to share in the fun.

Millie in her graduation cape and gown.

Millie and Zachary get ready for their big moment.

Millie and Alannah all ready in the their cape and gown.

Post graduation, Ethan (Zachary's brother), Millie & Zachary pose for a moment before heading off to eat cupcakes!

Evie enjoys her cupcake after the excitement of the graduation ceremony.

02 May 2009

Millie's Ballet Recital Take 1

Millie has been taking ballet classes at the Ballet Arts Center in Winchester for the past year with her best friend, Mira. The highlight was the company wide performance of Cinderella in on May 2, 2009. Millie, Mira and the rest of their class played the role of the Winter Fairies. Nod and Haze, along with Es and James were in town so Nod and I went to watch the performance which was very good, really rather professional!

Mira and Millie get ready for their big performance. Although I do think the major highlight for them (as with all the little girls) was wearing make-up. Bring on the blusher...and lip gloss...and eye shadow...!

Millie all made up and ready for the stage!

Millie's teachers were very specific about how the girls' hair was the be on the day of the performance. It's a good job Auntie Nod was in town with her hair serum...otherwise I have no idea how we could have got all Millie's hair into a smooth bun!

Millie strikes a pose moments before she takes the stage.

12 April 2009

Trip Home March 2009, Evie's 3rd and Dad's 65th Birthday

We had a fabulous (and sunny!) trip back to England in March. While there we got to celebrate Evie's and Dad's birthdays which was a lot of fun.

Millie and Evie play on the swings at Sapley Road Park.

Evie plays with her gift, the Playmobil Nursery Farm, from Nana.

Millie completes the finishing touches on Grandad's birthday cake.

Millie and Nana whipping up a treat in the kitchen.

Ollie, Millie and Evie get a closer look at the fake horses poop which actually comes with the Playmobil Nursery Farm...they really do think of everything.

Nanny, Evie and Grandad down by the river to feed the ducks.

More birthday cakes, Evie wouldn't actually let us cut her Tinkerbell cake, and to hammer the point home that she did not want to share it, she picked up each flower, licked it and then carefully placed it back on the cake. However, she didn't mind offering everyone a piece of Grandad's The Stig cake.

Easter Egg Hunt

This year Quentin and Fi put on another fine Easter Egg Brunch complete with an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddies. Much fun was had by all.

Millie dressed in her Sunday best (fab dresses, thank you Auntie Soph!) ready to hunt down some chocolate filled eggs.

Evie also in her finest togs (thank you again Auntie Soph!), ready to find some eggs.

Millie and Evie ready to head over to Belmont to find those eggs.

The eggs had been hidden and everyone lines up with their baskets, ready to find some treats.

Jimsie cleans up...

and so does Millie.

Evie post-hunt, not quite sure what that was all about and while she managed to get 5 eggs in her basket, she found many more but decided they were not the right colour and so put them back. Doh!

Kate also cleaned up this year, fine coaching skills curtesy of older brother Jimsie.