12 April 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

This year Quentin and Fi put on another fine Easter Egg Brunch complete with an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddies. Much fun was had by all.

Millie dressed in her Sunday best (fab dresses, thank you Auntie Soph!) ready to hunt down some chocolate filled eggs.

Evie also in her finest togs (thank you again Auntie Soph!), ready to find some eggs.

Millie and Evie ready to head over to Belmont to find those eggs.

The eggs had been hidden and everyone lines up with their baskets, ready to find some treats.

Jimsie cleans up...

and so does Millie.

Evie post-hunt, not quite sure what that was all about and while she managed to get 5 eggs in her basket, she found many more but decided they were not the right colour and so put them back. Doh!

Kate also cleaned up this year, fine coaching skills curtesy of older brother Jimsie.

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