25 December 2008

Christmas 2008

The girls were very excited to receive a visit from Mr. C. this year. I was very excited to get a picture of them in front of the tree before they unwrapped all their gifts. Especially since they managed to get downstairs and open their stockings before Dom and I managed to get out of bed.

Evie plays with her Snugglekins monkey...

Twas the night before Christmas...

21 December 2008

All Aboard The Polar Express

After a snow storm which lasted two days and which left almost a foot of snow on our garden, we shoveled our way our of the house and ventured to Anderston Station in Woburn to take our seats on the Polar Express.

Millie and Evie, along with their buddy Caelan, had a great time singing lots of Christmas songs and listening to the story of the Polar Express. After munching on some rather nice cookies and a nice drink of pink milk Mr. and Mrs. C. arrived and presented the girls with their gift of a bell.

03 November 2008

A truly bad hair day...

I just had to post this picture of Evie...a truly bad hair day if ever I saw one...ain't no amount of frizz ease ever gonna control that!

31 October 2008

Halloween 2008

After much deliberation, it was decided (by Millie) that this year the girls would be fairies for Halloween. It was a special Halloween this year since Nanny and Grandad were in town so got to experience the wonder of an all American night of trick or treating. Luckily for the parents and grandparents it turned out to be another warm evening making the event rather pleasant (of course the wine helped massively too...).

Evie, Millie, Keelin, James, Kate and Clare gearing up for a night of trick or treating...

Evie, treat pail at the ready...

Evie and Kate looking adorable

Evie and Kate still looking adorable

Millie out and about on Halloween

Our two little fairies...

Evie and Nanny gathering yet more "candy"

Evie and the aarrghhhh spiders!

Millie and James compare how much candy they've got so far.

Evie gets a lift from Daddy after a hard nights trick or treating.

25 October 2008

Visiting Cape Cod with Nanny and Grandad

We were lucky enough to take a trip down to the Cape for a weekend. We had a lovely relaxing time ambling around the beaches searching for shells and snails.

Amazing! Millie and Evie both looking at the camera and smiling at the same time - it's a miracle!

Tired Evie gets a lift from Mummy

Grandad, Millie and Evie in the pub waiting for their lunch to arrive

Mummy and Millie on Old Silver Beach

Evie in the Cape House

Grandad and Nanny on Nantucket Island

12 October 2008

Picking out a Pumpkin

We decided to take a trip to Wilson's Farm to pick out pumpkins to carve for Halloween. Evie , unfortunately, wasn't in the mood for a photo shoot that day...

Millie and her pumpkin

Evie (not looking) and Millie beside an enormous pumpkin

Evie (still refusing to look) and Millie