25 June 2009

Our New (Temporary!) Home!

We leave the U.S. on July 30th, bound first for London and then it's onto Singapore, our new (temporary) home for about 18 months. Here are some pictures of our new apartment block, yes it's back to apartment living for a while (which I think Dom is secretly pleased about since he won't have to cut the lawns for a while..!). Millie will be attending the Canadian International School while Evie is at the Learning Ladder, the sister school to the CIS.

The playground, where I'm sure we'll be spending a good amount of time.

The swimming pool, where I hope to spend even more time!

The outside of the apartment block...not so very attractive, it's much nicer on the inside.

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Lisa J.B. Peterson, CFP(R) said...

How are the new digs? We are thinking of you guys! Hope you are having a great time!